Wed 10:15-12:15PM, 60 Fifth Ave C15
Jinyang Li, Office hour: 1-2pm Mon, 60FA 410
Course Assistant:
Haitian Jiang, Office hour: 10-11am Thur, 60FA, 402
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This class will discuss recent research on machine learning systems, esp. those targeted at accelerating deep learning workloads. We will take a deep dive exploring how these systems work so that ML models can be written in a high-level language and executed as low-level kernels on parallel hardware accelerators. Topics covered in this course include: basics of neural networks, how they are programmed and executed by today's deep learning frameworks, automatic differentiation, deep learning accelerators, distributed training techniques, computation graph optimizations, automated kernel generation etc.


  • Comfortable with C/C++ Programming.
  • Familiarity with the UNIX environment.
  • Familiarity with ML or Deep Learning is a plus.
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